Watch the hell out, monsters: we're coming for you. We've spent the past week benchmarking Monster Hunter: World on PC, testing it on multiple PCs, with 20 graphics cards and 10 processors.

You can run fully unlocked, though actually breaking into fps territory is another matter. It's also a good gamecapable of keeping you occupied for many hours beyond the main hour campaign. This is the first time a Monster Hunter game has landed on PC, and we're happy to report that it gets many things right from a PC perspective, which is often not the case with console ports.

You can unlock the framerate, there are 16 graphics settings available for tweaking, and the game can run on a variety of hardware. The mouse and keyboard controls work fine, though there's some input sluggishness from the mouse if your framerate drops below around 40fps, or you can use a gamepad. There are a few issues, however, as well as some signs of being a console port.

Modding is a bit of a question mark—there's no Steam Workshop support—but there are a few mods elsewhere that tweak aspects of the game, and there's supposedly an ultrawide mod in the works. One big gripe I have is with the Denuvo copy protection scheme, which limits you to running the game on five 'different' PCs per day.

However, I've been locked out of the game several timesbecause Denuvo "can't validate my purchase"—try again tomorrow. I also had issues getting the game to run on several laptops, again due to Denuvo. Enabling and disabling the Windows Defender Firewall worked on one system, even though the firewall was disabled to begin with. If you're not testing on multiple systems, hopefully Denuvo will be less difficult.

mhw gpu

Quick recap: here's what Capcom lists as the minimum and recommended system requirements for Monster Hunter: World. Prefer to buy a prebuilt than building it yourself? Check out our guide to the Best Gaming PC s.

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Both the minimum and recommended settings are for 30fps, but we'll show below what the maximum level of performance is for the various GPUs we've tested. Highest preset. Render Scaling Low. Texture Quality Ambient Occlusion Off.Monster Hunter World is finally arriving on PC, and that can only mean one thing: lots of wrangling to get the best possible performance out of the game.

This resulted in the game easily smashing 60fps at p but struggling to get much above the 40fps mark at 4kthings you can see for yourselves in the lovely videos in the links provided. You can read the full PC specs over on the VG Gear Listbut the point is that now all PC builds will be able to run Monster Hunter World quite so effectively to get p and 60fps right out of the gate. There are a few options you should consider when playing Monster Hunter World on PC for the first time buried away in that graphics section.

We have a few settings to recommend in line with that based on the current performance of the game. The Monster Hunter World PC settings offer all of these as basic settings in the game, thankfully, so no weird ini tweaks are required. Exactly what you pick is going to depend on your screen resolution, PC strength and your personal preference.

One other way to maximize resolution while retaining frame rate is to use the Variable Resolution option, setting it to target frame rate. Everyone else should consider p. This is pretty good, especially considering the PS4 Pro only manages around 40fps at p when in its performance-focused mode.

Capcom officially reckons anything above an i7 3. The console version of the game has this setting enabled by default, and it basically adds a deeply atmospheric sort of sheen to the world via some heavy lighting tech. Turning it off gained me as much as fps when struggling to hit 60fps at 4K, however, so it really does make quite a difference.

You may also decide you prefer the look of MHW with this setting off anyway: you lose some of that atmospheric, hazy look but the whole game is quite a bit sharper as a result. I actually think it looks better with this option off, so the frame rate gain is a nice bonus on top of that. Monster Hunter World also offers a few different frame rate options, and though what you choose will no doubt be impacted by your PC specs and Monster Hunter World PC settings, we have one major piece of advice for you: Limit the frame rate.

The frame rate settings allow you to have no limit or to allow the frame rate to stop at a hard 30 or 60 — and we highly recommend doing that.

An unlocked frame rate can lead to an uneven experiecne where the frame rate lurches about all over the place. Unlocked that can lead to glorious 70 or 80fps runs on a p PC with a high spec, but the flip side of that is a 4K frame rate that jumps between the low 40s and the high 50s, which can be very distracting.

Ultimately the problem is given a clue in the name of the game, however: Monster Hunter World is all about that large-scale world, and so the game is keeping track of a huge environment and lots of different monsters that can interact all at once in the background. This means it can be pretty taxing for CPUs. Monster Hunter World.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. This guide is a collection of nearly two months of research and testing on my part. I finally have my game running just about perfect and wanted to share! Monster Hunter World is one of the few games to truly utilize multi cores, multi threads! I currently use a at p set to ultra and it stays consistently smooth.

Monster Hunter World GTX 1050 Ti vs. GTX 1060 vs. GTX 1070 vs. GTX 1080

I currently get between on my i7 k at 4. Pretty far past the general average. I run everything at p in near ultra settings.

So the optimization guide is mainly referencing high end ultra but it should also be directly applicable to mid to low end settings as well. But don't use the display settings files they have you use. You can use them just as a starting point if you want to. I didn't like them.

Monster Hunter: World PC requirements and what you need for 60 fps

This mod provides a fix for better 4k resolution and CPU optimization. So follow this guide to install special K. Logical Cores is for threaded cores included. So if you have 4 cores and 8 threads then it acts like there's 4 total cores. Physical cores is as it say. It optimizes for just four cores. Though I have an i7 I experienced better results on the physical cores. When you open MHW a special k menu will also briefly open up.

After every computer boot go to System Booster and run Optimize. You only have to do this once unless of course you reboot your computer or close cortex and re-open it.

Then go back the Game Booster tab. Unless you installed your game to a different HDD. X being whatever your drive letter is. Now with your game selected whenever you launch Monster Hunter World it runs a system optimization. Here you want to scroll down to the bottom of the first list of tweaks and select Launch game on Game Desktop.

mhw gpu

This is really important. It opens MHW up in a special shell that mimics how a console game runs. We set a better power plan earlier.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language.

Monster Hunter: World PC GPU Performance And Ryzen Core Scaling

Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. I am running a rig with the following basic specs. I've checked driver updates, and have confirmed that other games don't have this issue.

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Just Monster Hunter. Last edited by CrazedLlamaz ; 12 Aug, am. Showing 1 - 15 of 49 comments. Bloomy View Profile View Posts. This game is CPU heavy, a shame, but hopefully it will be more balanced in the near future. Also it is using your GPU, it just doesn't show it or it has a minimal impact on usage. That's a major problem then. If my PC can barely see anything, there is a problem with balance.

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Kurtz View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by CrazedLlamaz :. Last edited by Col. Kurtz ; 12 Aug, pm. Its the CPU render thread thing, I tried turning it off and all sorts of graphical glitches pop up, so they havent optomized for GPU rendering at all it seems. Originally posted by JrockStarap :. If the game isn't running, then I suggest you clean your drivers and reinstall them, install the latest direct x, and check game files.Sign in to add this item to your wishlist, follow it, or mark it as not interested.

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mhw gpu

Add to Cart. Bundle info. Add to Account. About This Content A monster figure you can use to decorate your room. Decorate your room to your heart's content!

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You can redecorate your room by speaking to your room's housekeeper. Figures you place in your room can be viewed up close in detail. The purchase of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is required to use this add-on.Despite the game's initially positive receptionthe reviews on Steam have taken a turn for the worse in recent days due to PC-related issues, and particularly around high-CPU usage.

While Monster Hunter World 's initial release brought Capcom to its highest levels of profitabilitythe Steam reviews are undoubtedly having a negative impact on Iceborne' s profitability. The CPU usage issue isn't unique to the new area of the game, and is instead effecting old and new areas of the game alike where it hadn't before.

Even then you'll want to use community fixed. What this is resulting in is sub-par performance, with low frame-rates, choppy gameplay, and in some cases overheating problems and reduced overall machine performance. To resolve this issue, players are going into Windows Security, where they'll select "Virus and Threat Protection," and proceed to click on "Manage Settings. While the Antimalware Service Executable service undoubtedly provides a priceless servicesometime it gets in the way of users' computers running appropriately.

However, sometimes players have had to repeat the above steps as the settings within Windows Security are reverting back to normal. In order to do this, Windows users need to open up the search bar. From there, users should type security. From the list of candidates that relates to the search term, select Windows Security, and go to Virus and Threat Protection. Once inside, click on Manage Settings under Virus and Threat Protection Settings, and scroll down to exclusion, click on add or remove exclusions, and click add an exclusion.

It should be in there. Along with the recent drop of support for Windows 7 by Microsoftits safe to say that the PC Master Race has been having a tough few days Just be sure repeat the above steps if for whatever reason the problem persists. Share Tweet Email 0.Some slight stuttering in areas with a lot of effects.

Possibly lower overall render quality versus Windows but hard to say, not an issue. Played through some story quests online with friends, no issues playing online or watching cutscenes. Currently will running i3 i need to change workspace in the screen the game is running or my cursor stay lock in the game window even with windowed fullscreen. Just press them again after switching back to make the game realise you've released them.

Sometimes after quitting, the process won't terminate. Just run killall -9 MonsterHunterWo. If you try to Alt-Tab is ok, but when you come back to the game, the game will be holding Alt, and you have to press Alt to make the game stop holding Alt.

Otherwise it is very smooth. Atl-Tab requires to press Alt again once in game, otherwise you're stuck with your character running. The game requires to run with proton 4. Requires Proton 4. I restarted Steam and picked my custom compatibility tool Proton The game worked just as well as with GE 5. And I placed the custom. Replace ntdll. I installed the patched ntdll. Rename ntddl. Barely noticable black patches on certain textures, maps with snow basically unplayable due to graphic gliteches.

The latter might be related to ACO. Monitoring the terminal readout, I noticed this line while booting with Proton 5. Everything before that is just the normal starting of an application. After that line it starts the shutdown process for MHW. I got it to launch once with proton 4. As of 11 March I haven't been able to run the game using Proton 5.

Error logs report stack overflow. ProtonDB is a passion project from bdefore and a dedicated community of reporters. Natively Supports:. Action RPG. Character Customization. Great Soundtrack.

Hack and Slash. Open World. Replay Value. Third Person.

mhw gpu

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