Found a mistake? Let us know! Share this Practice Test. There is a great concern in Europe and North America about declining standards of literacy in schools. The development of literacy has far-reaching effects on general intellectual development and thus anything which impedes the development of literacy is a serious matter for us all.

So the hunt is on for the cause of the decline in literacy. The search so far has focused on socioeconomic factors, or the effectiveness of 'traditional' versus 'modem' teaching techniques. The fruitless search for the cause of the increase in illiteracy is a tragic example of the saying 'They can't see the wood for the trees'. When teachers use picture books, they are simply continuing a long-established tradition that is accepted without question.

And for the past two decades, illustrations in reading primers have become increasingly detailed and obtrusive, while language has become impoverished — sometimes to the point of extinction. Amazingly, there is virtually no empirical evidence to support the use of illustrations in teaching reading. On the contrary, a great deal of empirical evidence shows that pictures interfere in a damaging way with all aspects of learning to read. Despite this, from North America to the Antipodes, the first books that many school children receive are totally without text.

A teacher's main concern is to help young beginner readers to develop not only the ability to recognise words, but the skills necessary to understand what these words mean.

Even if a child is able to read aloud fluently, he or she may not be able to understand much of it : this is called ' barking at text '. The teacher's task of improving comprehension is made harder by influences outside the classroom. But the adverse effects of such things as television, video games, or limited language experiences at home, can be offset by experiencing 'rich' language at school. Instead, it is not unusual for a book of 30 or more pages to have only one sentence full of repetitive phrases.

The artwork is often marvellous, but the pictures make the language redundant, and the children have no need to imagine anything when they read such books. Looking at a picture actively prevents children younger than nine from creating a mental image, and can make it difficult for older children. In order to learn how to comprehend, they need to practise making their own meaning in response to text. They need to have their innate powers of imagination trained. As they grow older, many children turn aside from books without pictures, and it is a situation made more serious as our culture becomes more visual.

It is hard to wean children off picture books when pictures have played a major part throughout their formative reading experiences, and when there is competition for their attention from so many other sources of entertainment.

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The least intelligent are most vulnerable, but tests show that even intelligent children are being affected. The response of educators has been to extend the use of pictures in books and to simplify the language, even at senior levels.

The Universities of Oxford and Cambridge recently held joint conferences to discuss the noticeably rapid decline in literacy among their undergraduates. Pictures are also used to help motivate children to read because they are beautiful and eye-catching.So, the statement is TRUE. The author describes stepwells in paragraph 4, so we should focus on this paragraph first. We should find out the paragraph that contains the information about stepwells today.

This means that despite the earthquake in ,the stepwell of Rani Ki Vav was still in excellent condition. So, the correct heading for paragraph A is viii. This means that these changes affect the transport distances. So, The correct heading for paragraph E is v. Paragraph H is about the second solution to achieve transport balance. So, the correct heading for paragraph H is ii. Paragraph 8: Another example is….

Paragraph 9: Rajasthan…. Questions 1—5: Do the following statements agree with the information given in Reading Passage? Examples of an ancient stepwells can be found all over the world. Stepwells had a range of functions, in addition to those related to water collection.

The few existing stepwells in Delhi are more attractive than those found elsewhere. It took workers many years to build the stone steps characteristic of stepwells.

mutual harm reading answer key

The number of steps above the water level in a stepwell altered during the course of a year. Questions 6—8: Answer the questions below. Which part of some stepwells provided shade for people? Keyword: shade The author describes stepwells in paragraph 4, so we should focus on this paragraph first. Who are frequent visitors to stepwells nowadays? Keywords: frequent visitors, nowadays We should find out the paragraph that contains the information about stepwells today.

We will focus on paragraphs 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, each of which describes a well-known well. Excellent condition, despite the….By Christopher Pell 23 Comments. The most important thing is that you use real IELTS tests and that you know what you are doing when you are practicing. This article will show you where to find real practice tests for free and also show you how to improve your practice sessions.

Using fake tests causes a huge amount of confusion and also leads to students having a completely false sense of what they are going to get on the real test. How can you spot a fake test? British Council. IDP- Academic.

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IDP- General Training. The following books are also a great resource for anyone wanting to practice their IELTS reading skills:. Cambridge Practice Series. Official Cambridge Guide. Doing lots of practice tests will only get you so far. It is incredibly boring to just do test after test and you can improve your reading skills by reading anything in English, not just IELTS tests. It is a much better idea to read something you enjoy reading.

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The key here is consistency. It is much better to read a little every day than it is to cram a week before your test. The most effective way I have found to ensure that students read consistently is to encourage them to read something they are interested in. So if you like current affairs, read the news every day. If you like cricket, read about your favorite team and players.

Interested in travel? Read about the places in the world you want to go. The important thing is not what you read, rather the fact that you are reading consistently. You might think that reading about something you enjoy is not going to help you improve, but trust me.

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If you read actively, like I am going to show you next, it is going to dramatically improve everything. If you really want to maximise the time you spend on reading, you must learn how to read actively. Most people are passive readers. If you want to improve your IELTS scores, you have to stop being a passive reader and start actively reading.

On a very basic level, actively reading means that you are doing something while you are reading. There are many things you can focus on, but let me highlight some things you could do to take your IELTS reading practice to the next level. It is surprising how many students ask me where they can find free sources of reading material.

If you found this website, you can find something else to read that you are interested in.

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If you need my help with your IELTS preparation, you can send me an email here: chris ieltsadvantage. Could u help me how I improve. A TESL. If possible, please provide me some materials or links where I can download the related materials freely. Hii Chris, can u tell me about reading time adjustments and tricks to solve quickly with right answers. They are a complete waste of time.

Reading a little every day will help improve not only your reading skills but also your: Vocabulary Grammar Idea generation Idea development Coherence and cohesion of your writing Your general level of English The most effective way I have found to ensure that students read consistently is to encourage them to read something they are interested in.

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Guess the meaning from context.The 16th and 17th centuries saw two great pioneers of modern science: Galileo and Gilbert. The impact of their findings is eminent.

Gilbert was the first modern scientist, also the accredited father of the science of electricity and magnetism, an Englishman of learning and a physician at the court of Elizabeth. Prior to him, all that was known of electricity and magnetism was what the ancients knew, nothing more than that the lodestone possessed magnetic properties and that amber and jet, when rubbed, would attract bits of paper or other substances of small specific gravity.

However, he is less well known than he deserves. Later he travelled in the continent and eventually settled down in London. He was a very successful and eminent doctor. All this culminated in his election to the president of the Royal Science Society.

He was also appointed personal physician to the Queen Elizabeth Iand later knighted by the Queen. Gilbert was first interested in chemistry but later changed his focus due to the large portion of mysticism of alchemy involved such as the transmutation of metal.

He gradually developed his interest in physics after the great minds of the ancient, particularly about the knowledge the ancient Greeks had about lodestones, strange minerals with the power to attract iron. British ships depended on the magnetic compass, yet no one understood why it worked. He investigated the nature of magnetism and electricity. The magnetic poles can attract or repel, depending on polarity. In addition, however, ordinary iron is always attracted to a magnet.

His research of static electricity using amber and jet only demonstrated that objects with electrical charges can work like magnets attracting small pieces of paper and stuff. It is a French guy named du Fay that discovered that there are actually two electrical charges, positive and negative. He also questioned the traditional astronomical beliefs.

However, he believed that stars are not equidistant from the earth but have their own earth-like planets orbiting around them. The earth itself is like a giant magnet, which is also why compasses always point north. He even likened the polarity of the magnet to the polarity of the earth and built an entire magnetic philosophy on this analogy. In his explanation, magnetism is the soul of the earth. Further, he also believed that the sun and other stars wobble just like the earth does around a crystal core, and speculated that the moon might also be a magnet caused to orbit by its magnetic attraction to the earth.

mutual harm reading answer key

This was perhaps the first proposal that a force might cause a heavenly orbit. His research method was revolutionary in that he used experiments rather than pure logic and reasoning like the ancient Greek philosophers did. It was a new attitude towards scientific investigation. Until then, scientific experiments were not in fashion. His approach of careful observation and experimentation rather than the authoritative opinion or deductive philosophy of others had laid the very foundation for modern science.

A Tim Sparks slides a small leather-bound notebook out of an envelope. The book's yellowing pages contain bee-keeping notes made between and by the late Walter Coates of Kilworth, Leicestershire. He adds it to his growing pile of local journals, birdwatchers' lists and gardening diaries.

Successive Marshams continued compiling these notes for years. A small band of researchers is combing through hundreds of years of records taken by thousands of amateur naturalists. And more systematic projects have also started up, producing an overwhelming response. He now spends much of his time following leads from one historical data set to another. As news of his quest spreads, people tip him off to other historical records, and more amateur phenologists come out of their closets.

The competition has taken place annually on the Tenana River in Alaska sinceand analysis of the results showed that the thaw now arrives five days earlier than it did when the contest began. The data can also hint at how nature will change in the future. Together with models of climate change, amateurs' records could help guide conservation.

Her analysis shows that the increased droughts that the models predict could halve the breeding populations at the ponds.LONG before seat belts or common sense were particularly widespread, my family made annual trips to New York in our Valiant station wagon. When our fight had finally escalated to the point of tears, our mother would turn around to chastise us, and my brother and I would start to plead our cases.

It turns out that my brother and I were not alone in believing that these two claims can get a puncher off the hook. The problem with the principle of even-numberedness is that people count differently. Every action has a cause and a consequence: something that led to it and something that followed from it.

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In a study conducted by William Swann and colleagues at the University of Texas, pairs of volunteers played the roles of world leaders who were trying to decide whether to initiate a nuclear strike. The first volunteer was asked to make an opening statement, the second volunteer was asked to respond, the first volunteer was asked to respond to the second, and so on. At the end of the conversation, the volunteers were shown several of the statements that had been made and were asked to recall what had been said just before and just after each of them.

The results revealed an intriguing asymmetry: When volunteers were shown one of their own statements, they naturally remembered what had led them to say it.

What seems like a grossly self-serving pattern of remembering is actually the product of two innocent facts. Second, because mental life is a private affair, we can observe our own thoughts but not the thoughts of others.

But research suggests that these claims reflect genuinely different perceptions of the same bloody conversation. If the first principle of legitimate punching is that punches must be even-numbered, the second principle is that an even-numbered punch may be no more forceful than the odd-numbered punch that preceded it. Legitimate retribution is meant to restore balance, and thus an eye for an eye is fair, but an eye for an eyelash is not.

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Research shows that people have as much trouble applying the second principle as the first. And so on. The results were striking. Each time a volunteer was touched, he touched back harder, which led the other volunteer to touch back even harder.

mutual harm reading answer key

What began as a game of soft touches quickly became a game of moderate pokes and then hard prods, even though both volunteers were doing their level best to respond in kind. Each volunteer was convinced that he was responding with equal force and that for some reason the other volunteer was escalating. Neither realized that the escalation was the natural byproduct of a neurological quirk that causes the pain we receive to seem more painful than the pain we produce, so we usually give more pain than we have received.Questions Reading Passage 1 has six paragraphs, A-F.

Choose the correct heading for paragraphs B-F from the list of headings below. Write the correct number, i-ix, next to question What are metabolites? The negative effects of allelopathy Biological warfare in the plant world Why we cannot use allelopathic chemicals at present What is allelopathy?

The reasons why plants compete with other plants The effects of allelopathy and realization of its possible uses 8 How could we use allelopathic chemicals in farming? Mutual harm A In forests and fields all over the world, plants are engaged in a deadly chemical war to suppress other plants and create conditions for their own success.

But what if we could learn the secrets of these plants and use them for own purpose? Would it be possible to use their strategies and weapons to help us improve agriculture by preventing weeds from germinating and encouraging growth in crops?

This possibility is leading agriculture researchers to explore the effects plants have on other plants with the aim of applying their findings to farming. B The Phenomenon by which an organism produces one or more chemicals that influence the growth, survival and reproduction of other organisms is called allelopathy.

These chemicals are a subset of chemicals produced by organism called secondary metabolites. A plant primary metabolites are associated with growth and development. Allelochemicals, however, are part of plants defence system and have a secondary function in the life of organism.

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The allelopathy comes from the Greek : allele and pathy meaning mutual harm. The term was first used by Austrian scientist Hans Molisch inbut people have been noting the negative effects that one plant can have no another for a long time.

In BC, the Greek philosopher Theophrastus noticed that pigweed had a negative effect. C Allolopathy can be observed in many aspects of plant ecology. It can affect where certain species of plant grow, the fertility of competitor plants, the natural change of plant communities over time, which plant species are able to dominate a particular area, and the diversity of plants in an area.

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Plants can release allelopathic chemicals in several ways: their roots can release chemicals directly into the soiland their bark and leaves can release chemicals into the soil as they rot. Initially, scientists were interested in the negative effects of allelopathic chemicals. Observations of the phenomenon included poor growth of some forest trees, damage to crops, changes in vegetation patterns and, interestingly, the occurrence of weed free areas.

It was also realized that some species could have beneficial effects on agricultural crop plants and the possible application of allelopathy became the subject of research. D Today research is focused on the effects of weeds on crops, the effects of crops on weeds, and how certain crops affect other crops. Agricultural scientists are exploring the use of allelochemicals to regulate growth and to act as natural herbicides, thereby promoting sustainable agriculture by by using these natural chemicals as an alternative to man-made chemicals.

For example, a small fast-growing tree found in Central America, sometimes called miracle tree, contains a poison that slows the growth of other trees but does not affect its own seeds. Chemicals produced by this tree have been shown to improve the production of rice. Similarly, box elder another tree stimulates the growth of bluestem grass, which is tall prairie grass found in the mid-western United States. Many weeds may use allelopathy to become ecologically successful; a study in china found that 25 out of 33 highly poisonous weeds had significant allelopathic properties.

E There may be at least three applications of allelopathy to agriculture.The three parts of this practice Reading test are presented over three separate web pages.

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Make sure you move swiftly from one page to the next so that your practice is as realistic as possible. Time yourself and allow just one hour to complete all three parts. There are 40 questions in this practice paper. Each question carries one mark. If you prefer to work offline, download the test paper and blank answer sheet.

At the end of the test you will be asked to hand in both the question paper and your answer sheet. You should spend about twenty minutes on it. Skip to main content.

In this section. Instructions to candidates In the actual test you will be given the following instructions: do not open this question paper until you are told to do so write your name and candidate number in the spaces at the top of the page read the instructions for each part of the paper carefully answer all the questions write your answers on the answer sheet; use a pencil you must complete the answer sheet within the time limit At the end of the test you will be asked to hand in both the question paper and your answer sheet.

Review Once you have completed all three sections, download the answers and see how you have done.

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